Millie’s Cookies Blackpool
Project Description

An App for Millie’s Cookies Blackpool

To promote Millie’s Cookies Blackpool Haroura created a mobile app to help boost engagement and offer loyalty features.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications to connect to customersThe Millie’s Cookies Blackpool app allows direct communication between the Millie’s Blackpool and their customers, this powerful tool brings massive marketing opportunities, as Push Notifications can be sent quickly and easily within seconds form the App’s dashboard. Notifications can be sent to all users, a specific set of users and can even be scheduled in advance.



Geo-Targeted Notificationsgeo targeted push notifications included

In addition to normal notifications, Millie’s Cookies Blackpool have the ability to target specific groups of people using their app based on their location. This location aware Push Notification feature is made possible by the ability of the mobile device being aware of it’s location.

Upon entering a specific area, which can be created and edited easily using by drawing a circle on a map in the App’s dashboard, the user will receive a location based notification.


loyalty points and rewards digital points cardLoyalty Points & Rewards

Millie’s Cookies Blackpool reward their customers with a digital points card, simply by scanning a QR code at the point of sale, each time a purchase is made this adds another point to the customer’s loyalty card, and once a pre-determined number of points has been collected a reward can be redeemed.

Free Gifts

Millie’s Cookies Blackpool also offer a free cookie upon registering within the app, this welcome reward is automatically sent to the users app upon successful registration.



Download the App now & See for yourself

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ClientMillie's Cookies Blackpool